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DarrenSystems Affiliate program

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Getting Started

Here is a three step process to get you started

How to get started

  1. Joining affiliate program

Follow any of the links provided above or click here and create a new account, then select affiliates from the menu and click activate affiliate account.

  1. Get affiliate link

Once you sign up, your affiliate link will be provided at the bottom

  1. Reporting

You will have access to your affiliate dashboard and you can track all your earnigs, clicks, request withdrawal from there.

Terms and Conditions

These are terms and conditions governing the affiliate program

1.  General

These Terms and Conditions (referred to as the The Affiliate Agreement) govern the affiliate program that is made available by (“”, “we” or “us”).  These terms and conditions represent an agreement and understanding between and the individual or entity who participates in the Affiliate program (the “Affiliate”, or “you”).

Please read these terms carefully as they represent an understanding between you and

2. Referral Tracking

DarrenSystems will provide you with the resources such as the unique affiliate link to use or share with prospective clients, links containing our banners and your referral link embedded that can be placed on your website, blog, or any other platform that supports such embedding. These links will be appearing at the bottom in your affiliate dashboard.

3. Eligible Referral Earnings

A referral will become eligible for payout (Eligible Referral) if it satisfies the criteria below.

a. The referral makes a purchase from us, settles their payment, and account setup is complete (which happens instantly upon receipt of payment)

b. The affiliate has an account with us on which there referral earnings are deposited, you can create one here

4. Affiliate Payout

An affiliate may initiate a payout request from their affiliate dashboard at anytime provided the earnings in their affiliate account are equal to or greater than the minimum balance (UGX. 55,000/= OR USD. 14.78)

Affiliate FAQs

Find quick answers to the frequently asked questions regarding our affiliate program

How much money can i make in this program

There is no limit to how much money you can earn in our affiliate program, the more sales you drive in, the more money you earn.

How often do u pay out

We process a pay out within one (1) business day as soon as we receive a payout request from you as long as your balance is equal to or greater than the minimum

What is the minimum amount before i can request withdrawal

Minimum amount is UGX. 55,000/= or USD. 14.78

Do you handle call in referrals

Yes we do, just give us a call or send us an email and connect us to a client. All you have to do is create an account so that we can attach the referral to your account.

What mode of payment is used for payouts

At the moment we can send your earnings via MTN mobile money,  Airtel money, Centenary and Stanbic Intrabank transfers. We can also give you cash if you can reach us at the office.